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It may be difficult to have conversations about your will or estate or that of your loved ones, however, it's imperative that you make sure these documents are in order. Michael A. Drobenare, Esq in Brooklyn, NY is your best choice for guidance regarding wills and estate planning in the area. Rely on 40+ years of experience to make sure that your documents are in order.

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The last thing you want your family members or loved ones to have to deal with after you're gone is an estate issue. That's why you should seek the legal advice of our law office regarding:

  • Long-term care provisions
  • End-of-life arrangements
  • Estate administration
  • Will creation
  • Power of attorney establishment

Don't wait until it's too late. Get in touch with our law office, and we'll coordinate a time to sit down to discuss your needs face-to-face.

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