Real Estate Law in Brooklyn, NY

If you are buying a home or condo in New York, you will need to hire an attorney to represent you throughout the entire process, whether it's to negotiate the contract of sale and to represent you at the closing or to help prepare for closing on your property.

As a buyer, you can feel confident in working with Michael A. Drobenare, Esq. He will represent you at the closing, reviewing and advising you on the documents that you are signing, such as the deed, transfer tax returns and mortgage documents, and making sure that all payments are accurately made.

When you are ready to sell your home, Michael A. Drobenare, Esq can assist you with preparing the contract of sale and is able to negotiate additional terms and conditions as needed. He will review the title report to see if there are any issues that must be resolved before a closing. These may include liens or violations against the property. In addition, he is able to prepare all of the closing documents, including the deed and transfer tax returns and can calculate the amounts owed at closing.

If you need to buy or sell your home or property, Michael A. Drobenare, Esq is your best choice in Brooklyn, NY. Call our law office today to schedule a consultation.

Navigate your landlord and tenant case with ease

It may not be clear to you what kind of legal action you can take over cases such as landlord and tenant disputes. Turn to us if you're dealing with:

  • Disputes over rental agreements
  • Overdue rental payments
  • Issues with rental repair responsibility
  • Occupancy issues

Whether you're a landlord or a tenant who is facing a legal issue, you can rely on 40+ years of experience to help you understand the scope of your case. Call 718-797-3030 to arrange a time to discuss your case face-to-face.

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